Our Story

Did you ever meet someone who had a real knack for discovering new things? You know, a talent for finding that one of a kind, that proverbial needle in a haystack. Or, even better, has an eye for identifying trends before they become well-known?

Our Founder, Ty Tomak, is just that sort of visionary. He’s far too modest to toot his own horn, but heck, as great as our staff is, there’d be no company without his amazing eye for the new and unusual.

You see, Ty is somewhat of a legend in the paper industry. For decades, companies throughout the US have sought him out to not only identify upcoming trends in color and patterns and textures and finishes, but they’ve commissioned him to invent and develop altogether new papers with hues and finishes never before imagined. And he’s been so successful that he built our company, ARC Paper, around that special talent. ARC Paper has supplied specialty papers to some of the most prominent companies you can think of.

Et Cetera Papers was born.

ARC Papers is proud to announce the launch of our newest family member, Et Cetera Papers. Our previous ARC Crafts specialty brand, seen in Jo-Anns and a wide variety of creative publications, designer sites, retail and craft blogs, has all grown up. We’re evolving into a much wider-range of products to better satisfy your diverse and creative tastes. So keep an eye out for our newest brand, Et Cetera Papers (this replaces our previous ARC Crafts brand).

We’re assembling a unique collection of papers and products that are geared specifically to help folks create that special project, whether it be a scrapbook, or craft, or handmade invitation, or—well, you name it.

Et Cetera Papers is all about versatility, inspiration, and bringing you unusually good products. We like hearing that our customers have so much fun using our products, so we simply aspire contributing to your artistic creations!

We look forward to developing an enriched experience that you crave. And, promise to continue creating those user-friendly DIY ideas you’ve come to love on a weekly basis in our updated blog. We have created a brand new easy to use website where you’ll be able to shop, find out about the newest craft ideas, and share it all with your friends and family.

And, many thanks to all of you who’ve shared with us over the years an abundance of creative inspiration and your own personal stories!

We promise to help creative folks like you find those uncommonly good products which enrich and inspire our lives.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our site, then drop me a note at And we’ll see if we can find it for you.

We’d love to hear from you anyways, drop us a note to just say hi at
Happy Creating!

Ty Tomak
CEO/ Founder ARC Paper & ETC Papers

My favorite band is The Who. I enjoy playing basketball and traveling. I travel to Lithuania and Eastern Europe every year.

Melanie Larsen
Chief Operations Officer

I was born in Germany, I love to refurbish furniture, my favorite candy bar is Caramello.

Jean Klingler
Administrative Manager

I am an Aussie and was born and raised in Sydney. My favorite band is the Beatles. Reading is my favorite hobby and I rarely go anywhere without my kindle.

Jeffrey Barth

Proud father of four children. I enjoy spending quality time with my family. Outside of work I am happy skiing or hiking. I look forward to honing my mountain biking skills next.

Alex Klingler
Special Projects Manager

I powerlift, I play drums in several bands, and I’ve been on tour across the country twice!

Sarah Lewis
Research & Development Manager

I love reading and writing scary stories, I have two high schoolers and I previously worked with children for 20 years.

Brandi Frank
Production manager

I love to cook & I love to eat! I am a huge fan of live music. I worked in concert venues for many years. Walt Disney World is my happy place!

Michelle Klingler
Production Assistant

My favorite animal is the Sea Otter. I have been to 7 different countries. I like to write poetry.

Alma Ulloa
Warehouse Manager

I love to go to the library and read about other cultures. I like to watch both English and Spanish language movies. My favorite place to vacation is Mexico!

Mike Kelly

I am a Laker fan, a sneaker head and The Office is my favorite TV show.

Charlet Mallett
Creative Director

Mom to three boys and two golden retrievers. I enjoy live music and traveling to see concerts. I love searching for antiques and finding good deals. My art studio is my happy place.

Alina Moore
Social Media Manager

I am a big chocolate lover. I love snow and cold weather. My childhood dream was to paint and to add something beautiful to this world, and now I am doing just that! Plus I get to help others create! Best of both worlds.