How to use Black and White EVO synthetic paper: the differences

Matte Black EVO Package 11x14
Matte Black EVO Package 11×14

We are so excited to add the Black Matte finish to our EVO Synthetic paper line. Both black and white EVO are made from polypropylene. Both are a synthetic paper perfect for mixed media, alcohol inks, and other fine art mediums. It’s important to note differences between Black EVO paper and White EVO paper:

  1. Color: one is deep black versus bright white.
  2. Finish: black EVO has an uncoated matte finish while the white EVO is eggshell smooth. Different finishes will determine how the ink or medium will lay / play on the paper. Ink performs differently on both surfaces.Compare these paper finishes to paint finishes. This excerpt from Mattthepainter explains it well.

Paint comes in different finishes and the one you choose will determine how the room looks after it is painted. The finish can also be called the sheen and it is how much light the paint reflects from its surface. There are five different finishes including high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, and flat or matte. Take a look at how these finishes differ from one another.

High gloss paint will have the highest sheen. It reflects light and it is often used on doors, cabinets, molding, and trim. It can be used outdoors on shutters and window casings to accent these features. It is the most durable and stain-resistant of all the finishes, and it is easy to clean. However, it will highlight imperfections on the surface.

Semi-gloss paint will give the surface a shiny appearance. It will also show off imperfections on the surface it covers. It is not as shiny as high gloss paint but it still reflects a lot of light. This type of finish can resist moisture so people paint bathrooms and doors with it. It is also easy to clean. Semi-gloss paint is another option for cabinets, moldings, trim, and doors because it is easy to clean. If you use white semi-gloss paint, the areas you paint will have a brighter appearance because they reflect light.

Satin finish has a soft sheen and it has a shine that is similar to a pearl. It is the most commonly chosen finish because it works well both indoors and outdoors due to its resistance to mildew and fading. It is easier to clean than lower-gloss paints but not as easy as a semi-gloss or high gloss finish. People commonly use it in the laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Eggshell finish is also very popular because it has a soft, smooth finish with a low sheen. It adds just enough brightness to hallways, entryways, family rooms, and living rooms. It resists stains better and is more washable than flat finishes.

Flat finish is also known as matte finish. This type of finish is smooth and it does not reflect the light at all. It will do the best job of any finish at hiding imperfections including a recent patch or a nail hole. You do not need to use as many coats of flat paint and it is much easier to touch up. It works well in low-traffic areas and on ceilings. You can clean flat paint but you should only use a damp sponge with water. Many cleansers will damage it.

  1. Paper weight: Black EVO is 11 Mil and White EVO is available in 10 Mil and a heavyweight 16 Mil. Both papers are sturdy and have a similar hand feel however Black EVO feels a little more pliable and white EVO is a little stiffer.
  2. Paper format: Currently Black EVO is offered in two popular sheet sizes 8.5×11 and 11×14 sheets. White EVO is offered in sheets, pads and shapes in various sizes.
  3. Paper performance: Black EVO is matte, flat, and ink may appear wet and vibrant in contrast. Black EVO paper may appear dull in contrast to the white EVO paper. White EVO is smooth, bright, uncoated, and colors will shine.
  4. Ink Performance: The black matte paper surface may “slow” how the ink flows and conversely the smooth white may speed up ink flow. We recommend a good test and play session on each paper to see how your inks perform. 
  5. Appearance: Like any item with a matte finish you may see handling marks. Typical matte finishes may shows fingerprints and scratches however, not to worry, if any blemish appears on Black EVO it can be easily covered with paint. 


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