What is EVO?

EVO is a synthetic tree-free polypropylene paper.

How thick is EVO Synthetic Paper?

EVO paper is 76lb cover weight paper. It’s 10 mil thick, 205GSM

How are people using EVO Synthetic Paper?

Most people are using EVO for fine arts and crafts. EVO is a great paper for mixed media artwork, especially with alcohol inks.

Does paint and alcohol ink wipe clean from EVO paper?

Some inks will wipe clean from EVO papers and others will stain, it depends on the ink, color and brand. Some deeper pigmented inks are more stubborn and will leave a residue.

How to wipe off your inks on EVO Synthetic Paper?

If you are using alcohol inks, we recommend using a high concentration of Isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe until ink is lightened. Repeat as often as needed. Watercolor inks may wipe clean once dry. Acrylic inks color set once dry but may be wiped away when wet. Some oil paints will stain.

Will I be able to wipe off EVO clean after the inks have dried up?

Some inks can be removed once dry however we are recommending testing inks in small areas first.

Can I print on EVO paper?

Commercial printing on EVO paper is possible with specialty inks. Reach out to your commercial printer for specifics on inks and drying times when printing on a synthetic polypropylene paper.

Can I print on EVO paper at home?

NO. Home use printing is not recommended for ink-jet and laser printers. It is not recommended for use in photocopiers.

Can EVO paper be used on both sides?

YES. EVO paper is uncoated and both sides share the same finish.

Will EVO warp if using a heat gun or any other heating tool?

YES. EVO is a polypropylene plastic and plastic will melt under heat. We recommend using cool air from an air tool or a blow dryer on a lower setting instead.

What type of inks can I paint with on EVO paper?

EVO can be painted on with alcohol inks, watercolor inks, acrylic inks and oil- based inks. Drying times vary by ink.

Can I use a heat tool on EVO paper?

EVO paper is polypropylene and can melt/shrink under intense heat. Cool air from a blow dryer or air art tool should not damage the paper.

Is EVO waterproof?

YES, EVO is waterproof.

Can I cut EVO paper with scissors?

YES, you can cut EVO paper with scissors, paper cutters and other cutting tools.

What sizes are available in EVO paper?

5×7, 8.5×11, 9×12 and 11×14

What is the price of EVO paper?

EVO is more affordable than many synthetic papers on the market today. Current retail pricing is available on our website.

Where can I buy EVO?

EVO is available through retail channels, specifically on our website, Amazon and through Notions Marketing. Wholesale options are also available.

Do you ship EVO internationally?

Currently EVO is available in the US and Canadian markets. We are open to distribution internationally with an appropriate minimum order. Please contact us for more information.