Tick tock! Handmade gifts using EVO Circles

We are so impressed! Check out this clock created using our EVO Synthetic paper circles.

Brandi painted this amazing pattern onto an EVO Synthetic Circle using Piñata alcohol inks. She let it dry and sat with the artwork for some time mulling over an amazing idea. She loved her creation so much that she envisioned turning it into a clock. She searched and found a round basic clock on Amazon that she could repurpose. She removed the clock hardware, mounted the painted EVO Circle and replaced the hardware.

This handmade clock has inspired us to create more unique handmade gifts using EVO Circles!

EVO synthetic papers comes in a variety of sizes and in circle shapes. The circles are 16mil, a heavier weight than our regular EVO paper.
We offer the circles in an assortment pack as well a a single multi-pack.

EVO Synthetic Circles – White Thick

EVO Synthetic Circles – White Thick Variety Pack

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